Linda Parkinson-Hardman

Meet Linda, she’s our Social Media Trainer and Strategist

HOW you use the latest version of Social Media tools and technologies is not the same as WHY you use them. The HOW is full of shiny gadgets, glittery widgets and lots of Facebook or Twitter accounts which lack direction or purpose and have no hope of achieving any goals.

linda parkinson hardmanThe WHY on the other hand is focused on the outcome from the outset, definite goals have been set, specific audiences are being targeted, clear messages are being shared and the whole lot is being measured against a set of criteria which have been defined by YOU.

Linda is a specialist in social media strategy – she’s been doing it since the year was born and she uses it on a daily basis to grow sales of her best selling books on Amazon and supporting the 200k + users a month to the Hysterectomy Association.

To be honest, whilst she could write and deliver the perfect social media strategy for your business she prefers it if it’s sustainable in the long term and that means learning how to do it for yourselves. Whether you’re a tiny one man band or a large global brand, outsourcing your social media is just not going to cut it long term.

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