Steve Graham

Meet Steve, he’s the WordPress web developer in the company.

Steve is a WordPress specialist and loves the idea that he can now give clients the power to update pages, add news or take part in the blogging revolution.

steve grahamDesign

But here at Internet Mentor we don’t just give you a content management system though, we’ll make sure it does everything you need it to do too.  From members sections, to forums, to directories; Steve can provide you with a solution that fits the bill with the style, look and feel you’d love to be known by.


Online Spending is increasing every year and consumers are buying an ever wider range of goods and services.  According to the office of national statistics, 2008 saw an increase in sales online by 36% to over £222 billion pounds.  We are now waiting to see if the trend is continuing.  People are more comfortable buying online than ever before and if you have products and services that can be delivered in this way, then an e-commerce solution provides an additional route to market.

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