Internet Mentor’s Social Media Professional Development Programme is designed to take businesses from zero to hero in as short a time as possible. The full programme takes six months to complete, however it can be tailored to focus on the aspects of social media marketing most relevant to your business.

Every programme begins with the creation of a unique strategy that’s based on your business and it’s customers. This important element means that you’ll know how to segment a variety of audiences that include customers and advocates in a way that makes sense to your marketing strategy.

Every programme includes core skills around content marketing; this sits at the heart of any effective social media marketing campaign and ensures that the activities you do within networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ have action based outcomes that you can measure and improve.

Once these two vital elements are securely under your belt, the programme takes you on a journey that teaches you how to apply them to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+. This is the pick and mix bit. Don’t want to use Facebook? That’s fine, we simply take it out of the programme. Can’t bear Twitter?  That’s fine too. Remember the key to success in the professional development programme is knowing what’s right for your business and it’s growth and not everything suits everyone.

Social Pro is the perfect solution for training marketing professionals across a company. It means that everyone learns the same tools and techniques, is applying them consistently and reducing the chance of brand disintegration due to mixed messaging from different sources.

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Linda is cool and calm and steadily holds you to your own plans. As a result of my time working on understanding, planning and working with social media, I have discovered an unexpectedly powerful business tool.

Lesley Simpson – Newlands Training Limited

LinkedIn Made Easy: Business Social Networking SimplifiedSocial Pro was developed by Linda Parkinson-Hardman, author of LinkedIn Made Easy: Business Social Networking Simplified, the Amazon UK best-seller and expert contributor to LinkedIn’s own guide for UK Marketing Professionals. Linda is also a contributor to Writing Magazine and an ExecSense Webinar presenter.

Past clients have reported successes building brand awareness to national levels, receiving invitations to contribute to industry newsletters and emails and getting better quality leads more frequently.

Linda is also the CEO of The Hysterectomy Association, an organisation which has been online since 1997 and which has used all the same social principles you’ll find in Social Pro to build it’s monthly audience to almost 2,000,000 women every year.